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 Enable PVP Please Joel.

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PostSubject: Enable PVP Please Joel.   Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:06 am

This question came up quite a bit in beta. Many players don't understand what the advantages or reasons are for playing on a PvP server. I came up with the following response, and so thought I would post it here.

"There are NO advantages to leveling or questing on a PvP server.

If anything, it is harder, more frustrating, and takes longer to level up. Why then do so many players even play on the PvP servers and how can they enjoy doing so?

This is my opinion. There is no joy or exhillaration you can get out of a game that can match the pure emotional thrill that you get when you see those little red player dots appear and start moving toward you on your minimap... your blood chills, your mind starts racing and you immediately ask yourself:

"am I about to get ganked? do I have a fighting chance? will they leave me alone? should I leave them alone? should I run? should I stand and FIGHT?!!"

You quickly look around and see if any friendly players are in the vicinity...if so you rush to their side. If not - you most likely have a life or death decision to make in that split second. You call out for help if you have time, and if you are lucky other player rush in to join in the battle.

Often, after players have had time to get to end game, many will simply patrol areas of their factions noobie zones kind of like guardians of their faction. These players will help greatly with Gankers and take great joy in punishing them for their deeds, especially if you mention the griefers names.

When all is said and done, there is a kind of brotherhood that forms with the other players in your faction. You don't have to exchange names, add friends, or even say a word. A kind of warriors bond is formed when you spill blood on the battlefield together.

This in itself is all the avantage you will really get on a PvP server.

In a word: Entertainment.

Now, I will go on to say that this type of play is not for everyone. You WILL have your @%$ handed to you many times. You must expect it. Players that can't accept defeat, or players that don't enjoy PvP in general will only feel frustration rather than entertainment.

If you're up to the challenge of the PvP server, try it out. It's not often games can invoke that level of emotion in a player. "

Hint: VOTE YES!!!! 'lol!'
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Enable PVP Please Joel.
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