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 Server rules.

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PostSubject: Server rules.   Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:06 pm

For those of you who somehow miss the rules at spawn here is a list of rules:
Rule 1: Both greifing and raiding are allowed.
Rule 2: No spawn killing or abusive killing.
Rule 3: No asking for ranks.
Rule 4: Respect everyone.
Rule 5: No spamming the chat or caps lock.
Rule 6: Don't ask for creative over and over.
Rule 7: Don't cry if u get killed there is pvp.
Rule 8: No acessive greifing of everything.
Rule 9: No mods/clients.
Rule 10: No personal attacks.
Rule 11: Keep swearing down.
Rule 12: Don't abuse your rights or you will lose them.

We try to keep as few rules as possable to allow you to be most creative. So these few i ask that you respect them. After all it could be worst.
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Server rules.
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